Wholesale Nursery in Georgia


Hahira Nursery got its start in 1987. Owner, Jim Megow, along with his parents, Robert & Joye Megow, established a plant nursery to help supplement the need for quality plant material for Jim’s landscape contracting business. Robert & Joye retired and moved to Hahira, Georgia, from Orlando, Florida, and worked with Jim for more than ten years to help establish a successful nursery. They have since passed away, but Jim has continued to grow the business.

Currently, the nursery in Hahira encompasses about 65 acres of land under production, including ground cover, shrubbery, and contained trees up to 45 gallons in size. Additionally, the nursery grows many different types of patented and trademarked varieties of plants and is always on the lookout for newly developed species.

With the addition of the newest division of the company, Hahira Nursery, Jim’s youngest son, William Megow has joined the team to lead the online sales and marketing efforts.

As a family owned and operated company, we continue to strive for the highest quality products to our customers as we have for our commercial and wholesale customers for over 20 years. Now, our family brings that same quality and service to you. When you purchase from us, you’re supporting a multi-generation local Georgia family.


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